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How to makes sleeves fit perfectly

How to makes sleeves fit perfectly

When you are working with the fit pattern then you have to take care of every part of the dress. Every section should be up to the mark in fitness and especially sleeves. If you have the best first sewing machine in your sewing space then definitely you can save yourself from the trouble of handling the complicated machine. In this blog, we are going to tell you about several ways of making the sleeves fit.

Arm Measurement:

Measure from measure from armpit to cuff with arm slightly bent

Ideas don’t work often when you are working on the fitting of the sleeves. The best thing you can do to make your work professional is to measure the arm accurately. Measure the full part of the bicep and the whole part near underarm. The best way to note the measurement is to look into the mirror and note the exact digit from the measuring tape. It will help you in confirming the number from the mirror as well.

Two Piece Adjustment:

If you are sewing something like a jacket or something in a heavy material then you have to construct the sleeve into the two parts. The length of the sleeve cap should be spacious enough to help you in moving the arm and it should not feel too stiff. You can also add a little bit to the seam of the sleeve for the look and to adjust it later if you will make it lose. Due to the no space, the pulling of the sleeve can be a big problem for you.

Sewist need to adjust everything along with the sewing, so sewist need to own the best sewing machine for beginners to practice more and improve your skills.

Pattern Measurement:

While you are attempting some pattern, start your work with the circumference of the bicep. If you are using a pattern at which the measurement is not printed then you can measure it directly. The first thing you need to focus on is to go according to the pattern. When following the pattern, you should learn to reduce the seam allowance and work on the circumference.

Get your correct measurements before you begin


Once you have both kinds of measurements on the paper, the next thing you need to do in comparison. The comparison should be based on the type of fabric you are using for the sewing. If you are working with the woven fabric then the measurement needs to be exceeded from 2”-4”. To make the space inside the fabric the limit needs to be more.


Sleeves with good fitting is a great way to add fashion to the whole look and to go with the trend. By adopting some of the tips and tricks, you can actually sew the accurate dress you want to prepare.

The sleeves must be up to the mark to enhance the beauty of the dress and by the constant practice, you can definitely nail the project with the best entry level sewing machine. Try it now.

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