Commit c1b8f85b authored by Jenkins's avatar Jenkins

Jami: bump beta branch

parent c716beab
client-windows @ 4c6b6c18
Subproject commit 5fac25a5cbfd98a750b8c3e1ef67b36e52d312b3
Subproject commit 4c6b6c18e828e68d721225c2498f96c05916ce92
daemon @ 3216662a
Subproject commit 36c6d857289199c6ace3d6e1f6995e25cdcb4b8d
Subproject commit 3216662aa0d763b2c499f74a293247572ff8371b
lrc @ db54e18b
Subproject commit 82f8718fd21a7d310ac170f69a7683db74ca9f64
Subproject commit db54e18b5b4b4dfef612a50f1453fe6f1ecb7a66
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