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    contrib(win32): bump opendht and openssl build · 0350064a
    Andreas Traczyk authored
    - Uses 1.1.1 stable branch of https://github.com/openssl/openssl
      instead of https://github.com/microsoft/openssl. Note that this
      build will not pass app certification for the Windows store.
    - bumps opendht to support the new OpenSSL build and removes some
      unused linkage
    - adds a 'use_cmake' key to the package.json windows contrib
      build system
    - allows us to shave about 4.5 min off openssl build time by
      defining MAKE_TOOL to jom.exe to override nmake
    - adds /FS to force synchronous PDB writes
    Change-Id: Idd06a0805b45fa19551c15d1859cbccca49e6bb6
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