Commit fbd7d73c authored by Tristan Matthews's avatar Tristan Matthews

* #38161: sip: fix logging of VIA header

parent 83c7180f
......@@ -772,9 +772,10 @@ void SIPVoIPLink::sendRegister(Account *a)
if (account->transport_) {
if (not account->getPublishedSameasLocal() or (not received.empty() and received != account->getPublishedAddress())) {
DEBUG("Setting VIA sent-by to %s:%d", received.c_str(), account->getRPort());
pjsip_host_port *via = account->getViaAddr();
DEBUG("Setting VIA sent-by to %.*s:%d", via->host.slen, via->host.ptr, via->port);
if (pjsip_regc_set_via_sent_by(regc, account->getViaAddr(), account->transport_) != PJ_SUCCESS)
if (pjsip_regc_set_via_sent_by(regc, via, account->transport_) != PJ_SUCCESS)
throw VoipLinkException("Unable to set the \"sent-by\" field");
} else if (account->isStunEnabled()) {
if (pjsip_regc_set_via_sent_by(regc, account->getViaAddr(), account->transport_) != PJ_SUCCESS)
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