Commit 9f249126 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin

opendht: build with http-fork for retro-compatibility

Change-Id: I03ba51473a5d35efcfe3b7be4f9f64f23e57455f
parent ce6ea104
......@@ -42,6 +42,6 @@ opendht: opendht-$(OPENDHT_VERSION).tar.gz
.opendht: opendht .sum-opendht
mkdir -p $</m4 && $(RECONF)
cd $< && $(HOSTVARS) $(OPENDHT_CONF) ./configure --enable-static --disable-shared --disable-tools --disable-python --disable-doc --enable-proxy-server --enable-proxy-client --enable-push-notifications $(HOSTCONF)
cd $< && $(HOSTVARS) $(OPENDHT_CONF) ./configure --enable-static --disable-shared --disable-tools --disable-python --disable-doc --enable-proxy-server --enable-proxy-client --with-http-parser-fork --enable-push-notifications $(HOSTCONF)
cd $< && $(MAKE) install
touch $@
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