Commit 817d5642 authored by Emmanuel Milou's avatar Emmanuel Milou

[#38265] Add metapackage sflphone

Install sflphone-client-gnome.
parent 3fa417d3
Package: sflphone
Version: 1.0
Section: gnome
Priority: optional
Architecture: all
Depends: sflphone-common, sflphone-client-gnome
Maintainer: Savoir-faire Linux Inc <>
Description: metapackage providing the GNOME client for SFLphone
Provide a GNOME client for SFLphone.
SFLphone is meant to be a robust enterprise-class desktop phone.
SFLphone is released under the GNU General Public License.
SFLphone is being developed by the global community, and maintained by
Savoir-faire Linux, a Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based Linux consulting company.
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