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* #38508: daemon: remove outdated changelog

parent 0af97b50
2008-10-30 Yun Liu
* Change sip library to pjsip
* Support multiple accounts registration
* Update translations (Add chinese translation)
* Many portions of code and debugging
2008-03-18 Emmanuel Milou
* GTK client
* ALSA implementation instead of Portaudio
* DMIX support - Pulse audio not functional
* Dynamic loading of audio codecs
* Many portions of code and debugging
2007-08-15 Pierre-Luc Beaudoin
* GTK Client
* IAX2 / SIP support
* Many portions of code and debugging
2006-12-07 Yan Morin
* First implementation of IAX account in QT Gui
* First implementation of sending sound (very unstable!) in iax
* Handling incompatibilities in libosip2 ABI (2.2.2 -> 3.0.1)
Quick patch that should be remove after 3.0.1 is very stable and in
2006-11-30 Yan Morin
* Fix .spec problem on fedora core 6
* Fix "selecting #0" device in sflphoned
* Fix using #8 when there is only 2 out devices)
2006-11-16 Yan Morin
* Fix amd64 issue (std::string::size_type return). Thanks to Pierre Pomes
2006-09-09 Yan Morin
* Fixing gentoo problem (qtdir for moc/uic/qembed, Key_Mode_switch)
* Adding README.gentoo for gentoo instructions on how to build
2006-09-06 Yan Morin
* Fix packaging problem for 0.7.0 release (fedora.spec)
* Use portaudio with PA_ALSA_PLUGHW (enable alsa resampling)
* Use SFLDEBUG instead of DEBUG. DEBUG is use by QT
* Desactivate line flashing when a call is transfered
2006-08-31 Yan Morin
* Improve launcher (only start if needed). If the daemon is started, qt won't stop it.
* Fix buf with microphone (if the mic wasn't at 100, it causes a segfault before)
2006-08-31 Yan Morin
* Add samplerate combobox if sample rate is compiled
* Fix Bug when moving sflphone and clicking inside the lcd
* Adding magnetism to Dtmf window
* Moving Dtmf window to the left of sflphone
2006-08-30 Yan Morin
* Set libsamplerate as a dependency
* Refactoring samplerate conversion, -DDATAFORMAT_IS_FLOAT allow the user to use float instead of int
2006-08-25 Yan Morin
* Add support for <esc> key to hangup a call
* Remove handling of Key_Meta and Key_Alt, need to be able to send @ with alt+char or shift
2006-08-23 Yan Morin
* Add AudioDevice, a container to get audiodevice listing
* Add --with-debug to ./configure
2006-08-02 Yan Morin
* Add IAX quelch/unquelch
* Add SAMPLERATE for incoming voice data
2006-07-27 Yan Morin
* Add IAX registration and outgoing call
* Add Device.sampleRate=8000 and can use samplerate in linux
2006-05-21 Julien Plissonneau Duquene
* Removed checks for osip from (this is needed and
checked by eXosip anyway), fixed the check for libs in exosip.m4
* Fixed Makefiles and autoqt for building on Debian sarge
2006-05-20 Julien Plissonneau Duquene
* Fixed autotools setup, replaced kde m4 files by autoqt,
added tools/ and tools/
* Cleaned up the mess in the top directory, merged some files,
rewrote the ChangeLog using GNU format, updated the README
* Removed eXosip2 headers
2005-11-26 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.6.1
2005-11-21 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.6
2005-11-11 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.6 RC3
2005-10-17 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.5
2005-08-30 Jean-Philippe Barette-LaPierre
* Changed the order of initialization of modules, in order to
remove a race condition.
* We can build in different build directories.
(thanks to Mikael Magnusson)
* We actualy check if portaudio and eXosip2 libs
are installed. (thanks to Mikael Magnusson)
* zeroconf integration start
2005-08-30 Jean-Philippe Barette-LaPierre
* Now, we send a final response to reINVITEs
(thanks to Mikael Magnusson)
2005-08-29 Jean-Philippe Barette-LaPierre
* Bug fix when trying to use more than 6 lines.
2005-08-20 Jean-Philippe Barette-LaPierre
* Manager has now a LifetimeLibrary policy.
* Utilspp has been rearranged.
2005-08-11 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.4.1-pre1
2005-08-10 Laurielle Lea
* Add blink notification for voice-message
* Cleanup code
2005-08-01 Laurielle Lea
* Add comments in header files
2005-07-29 Laurielle Lea
* Add scrolling message
2005-07-25 Laurielle Lea
* Migrate from libeXoSIP 0.9.0 to libeXosip2-1.9.1-pre15
2005-07-21 Laurielle Lea
* Change README.
2005-07-20 Laurielle Lea
* Fix mute feature.
* Fix many bugs about line management.
* Add "Compose" item in trayicon menu.
2005-07-18 Jean-Philippe Barette-LaPierre
* Bug fix if error was raised before setGUI.
2005-07-18 Laurielle Lea
* Fix incoming call sound notification.
* Fix transfer if no busy line.
2005-07-15 Laurielle Lea
* Fix configuration init.
2005-07-13 Jerome Oufella
* Fix tone.
2005-07-13 Jean-Philippe Barette-LaPierre
* Change "Manager" to a singleton.
2005-07-13 Laurielle Lea
* Fix bug if network is not available.
* Fix apply skin feature.
2005-07-11 Laurielle Lea
* Check functions return.
* Remove unused mute functions.
2005-07-08 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.4
2005-07-08 Laurielle Lea
* Stop program when error opening skin file.
* Divide toggle() of qtguimainwindow.cpp in small functions.
* Add return test.
2005-07-07 Laurielle Lea
* Cleanup audiortp.cpp.
* Replace #define by global variable in codecDescriptor.cpp.
* Set mutex of ringbuffer in the functions of RingBuffer object.
* Divide run() of audiortp.cpp in 3 small functions.
* Changed device static function in Manager for configurationpanel.ui.h.
* Updated README.
2005-07-06 Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre
* Fixed all autotools problems.
* Updated all autotools scripts to use PortAudioCpp.
2005-06-09 Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre
* Added the autotools support.
2005-04-07 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.3
2005-01-18 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.2
2004-12-21 The SFLPhone Team
* Version 0.1 (initial release)
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