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    src: hooks: remove urlhook feature · 569d44b5
    Sébastien Le Stum authored
    This feature is mostly a relicate from SFLPhone and introduced a remote
    attack vector abusing the system() function weaknesses.
    Provided that "sipEnabled" parameter is on in the remote target's
    configuration, a malicious peer calling that remote target could
    send SIP messages with a crafted "X-ring-url" string in order to
    execute arbitrary shell commands on the target.
    Header entry "X-ring-url" content is actually consumed by UrlHook
    as arguments for the "x-www-browser" command executed using system().
    By adding a shell escape sequence to circumvent existing arguments
    sanitizing attempts, the malicious peer could execute any shell command
    under remote peer user's identity and access sensitive information
    available using its privileges.
    Remove that feature altogether and enforce users that are relying on
    that feature to migrate to Jami "plugins", which are more suitable
    for introducing custom Jami behaviors.
    Change-Id: I1d6d07771e2b5a7c7f2cb8fc838821106c0a6708
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