Commit 6c7c4541 authored by Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk Committed by Kateryna Kostiuk

settings: fix setting display name not saving

Change-Id: If263da0d0fb00559fd67687e0aeabbe127ba978c
parent 6762840c
......@@ -289,8 +289,12 @@ public:
accountModel().setAvatar(getCurrAccId(), avatar);
static void setCurrAccDisplayName(const std::string& alias) {
accountModel().setAlias(getCurrAccId(), alias);
static void setCurrAccDisplayName(const std::string& displayName) {
auto accountId = LRCInstance::getCurrAccId();
accountModel().setAlias(accountId, displayName);
// force save to .yml
auto confProps = LRCInstance::accountModel().getAccountConfig(accountId);
LRCInstance::accountModel().setAccountConfig(accountId, confProps);
static const account::ConfProperties_t& getCurrAccConfig() {
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