Commit a9c6a6ac authored by Anthony Léonard's avatar Anthony Léonard Committed by Guillaume Roguez

authors: update list

Change-Id: I79220c6593a39a07e9a11a20811bfe1ce7801da1
Reviewed-by: Guillaume Roguez's avatarGuillaume Roguez <>
parent e8957f86
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ Emmanuel Lepage-Vall\'e9e\
Fr\'e9d\'e9ric Guimont\
Guillaume Roguez\
Julien Grossholtz\
Kateryna Kostiuk\
Lo\'efc Siret\
Marianne Forget\
Nicolas J\'e4ger\
......@@ -37,7 +38,9 @@ Olivier Soldano\
Patrick Keroulas\
Philippe Gorley\
Romain Bertozzi\
S\'e9bastien Blin\
Seva Ivanov\
Silbino Gon\'e7alves Matado\
Simon D\'e9saulniers\
Stepan Salenikovich\
Simon Zeni\
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