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    multi-device: update Ring account creation wizard · fcb4ca63
    Loïc Siret authored
    This patch implements multi-device support
    - The account creation wizzard has now two options "Existing Ring
      account" and "New Ring account".
      "Existing Ring account": Allows for fetching a Ring account archive
      from the DHT. Requires pin and password.
      "New Ring account": This is the previously existing wizard. It was
      modified to ask for a password which will be used to encrypt the
      account archive. This password is then required for exporting the
      account on the Ring.
    - Creating a new Ring account with the "+" button now triggers the
      account creation wizard.
    Change-Id: I6840d968e52de014ab0aa9dd6f5bc1ab31f9e9ec
    Tuleap: #958
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