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l10n: automatic bump

Change-Id: I94fc62de3af4ae21eda456f1bee3f9fd2a776cd8
parent dda162f9
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
"global.contactRequestsTabBarTitle" = "Meghívások";
"global.meTabBarTitle" = "Fiók";
"global.ok" = "Rendben";
"global.versionName" = "Free as in Freedom";
"global.versionName" = "Szabad, mint a szabadság";
// Scan
"scan.badQrCode" = "Rossz QR-kód";
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
// Global
"global.homeTabBarTitle" = "Домой";
"global.contactRequestsTabBarTitle" = "Invitations";
"global.contactRequestsTabBarTitle" = "Приглашения";
"global.meTabBarTitle" = "Учётная запись";
"global.ok" = "Да";
"global.versionName" = "Free as in Freedom";
......@@ -33,12 +33,12 @@
"smartlist.yesterday" = "Вчера";
"smartlist.results" = "Search Result";
"smartlist.conversations" = "Разговоры";
"smartlist.searching" = "Searching...";
"smartlist.noResults" = "No results";
"smartlist.searching" = "Поиск...";
"smartlist.noResults" = "Нет результатов";
"smartlist.noConversation" = "No conversations";
"smartlist.searchBarPlaceholder" = "Enter name...";
"smartlist.noNetworkConnectivity" = "Отсутствует сетевое подключение";
"smartlist.cellularAccess" = "Be sure cellular access is granted in your settings";
"smartlist.cellularAccess" = "Убедитесь, что сотовый доступ предоставляется в настройках";
"smartlist.accountsTitle" = "Учетные записи";
"smartlist.addAccountButton" = "+ Add Account";
"smartlist.noNumber" = "Selected contact does not have any number";
......@@ -74,11 +74,11 @@
"createAccount.newPasswordPlaceholder" = "Пароль";
"createAccount.repeatPasswordPlaceholder" = "Подтверждение пароля";
"createAccount.passwordCharactersNumberError" = "Минимум 6 символов";
"createAccount.passwordNotMatchingError" = "passwords do not match";
"createAccount.passwordNotMatchingError" = "пароли не совпадают";
"createAccount.lookingForUsernameAvailability" = "looking for availability…";
"createAccount.invalidUsername" = "invalid username";
"createAccount.usernameAlreadyTaken" = "username already taken";
"createAccount.loading" = "Loading";
"createAccount.invalidUsername" = "неверное имя пользователя ";
"createAccount.usernameAlreadyTaken" = "имя пользователя уже занято";
"createAccount.loading" = "Загрузка";
"createAccount.waitCreateAccountTitle" = "Добавление аккаунта";
"createAccount.RegisterAUsername" = "Register a username";
"createAccount.ChooseAPassword" = "Encrypt my account";
......@@ -91,28 +91,28 @@
"createAccount.timeoutMessage" = "Username registration in progress... It could take a few moments.";
//Link To Account form
"linkToAccount.waitLinkToAccountTitle" = "Account linking";
"linkToAccount.linkButtonTitle" = "Link device";
"linkToAccount.waitLinkToAccountTitle" = "Привязка аккаунта";
"linkToAccount.linkButtonTitle" = "Привязать устройство";
"linkToAccount.passwordPlaceholder" = "Пароль";
"linkToAccount.pinPlaceholder" = "PIN";
"linkToAccount.passwordLabel" = "Enter Password";
"linkToAccount.pinLabel" = "Enter PIN";
"linkToAccount.explanationPinMessage" = "To generate the PIN code, go to the account managment settings on device that contain account you want to use. In devices settings Select \"Link another device to this account\". You will get the necessary PIN to complete this form. The PIN is only valid for 10 minutes.";
"linkToAccount.passwordLabel" = "Введите пароль";
"linkToAccount.pinLabel" = "Введите PIN";
"linkToAccount.explanationPinMessage" = "Чтобы сгенерировать PIN-код, перейдите к настройкам управления аккаунтами на устройстве, содержащий аккаунт, которую вы хотите использовать. В настройках устройства выберите \"связать другое устройство с этим аккаунтом\". Вы получите необходимый PIN-код для заполнения этой формы. PIN-код действителен только в течение 10 минут.";
"alerts.accountCannotBeFoundTitle" = "Can't find account";
"alerts.accountCannotBeFoundTitle" = "Не удаётся найти аккаунт";
"alerts.accountCannotBeFoundMessage" = "Account couldn't be found on the Jami network. Make sure it was exported on Jami from an existing device, and that provided credentials are correct.";
"alerts.accountAddedTitle" = "Account Added";
"alerts.accountNoNetworkTitle" = "Can't connect to the network";
"alerts.accountNoNetworkMessage" = "Could not add account because Jami couldn't connect to the distributed network. Check your device connectivity.";
"alerts.accountAddedTitle" = "Аккаунт добавлен";
"alerts.accountNoNetworkTitle" = "Не удаётся соединиться к сети";
"alerts.accountNoNetworkMessage" = "Не удалось добавить учетную запись, поскольку Jami не удалось подключиться к распределенной сети. Проверьте подключение устройства.";
"alerts.accountDefaultErrorTitle" = "Неизвестная ошибка";
"alerts.accountDefaultErrorMessage" = "The account couldn't be created.";
"alerts.accountDefaultErrorMessage" = "Не удалось создать аккаунт.";
"alerts.profileTakePhoto" = "Сфотографировать";
"alerts.profileUploadPhoto" = "Upload photo";
"alerts.profileUploadPhoto" = "Загрузить фото";
"alerts.profileCancelPhoto" = "Отмена";
"alerts.accountLinkedTitle" = "Linking account";
"alerts.accountLinkedTitle" = "Привязать аккаунт";
"alerts.dbFailedTitle" = "An error happned when launching Jami";
"alerts.dbFailedMessage" = "Please close application and try to open it again";
"alerts.dbFailedMessage" = "Пожалуйста, закройте приложение и попробуйте открыть его снова";
"alerts.confirmBlockContact" = "Are you sure you want to block this contact? The conversation history with this contact will also be deleted permanently.";
"alerts.confirmBlockContactTitle" = "Block Contact";
"alerts.confirmDeleteConversation" = "Are you sure you want to delete this conversation permanently?";
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
"calls.currentCallWith" = "Call with ";
//Account Page
"accountPage.devicesListHeader" = "Devices";
"accountPage.devicesListHeader" = "Устройства";
"accountPage.settingsHeader" = "Настройки";
"accountPage.username" = "username:";
"accountPage.usernameNotRegistered" = "username: not registered";
......@@ -189,7 +189,7 @@
"account.proxyServer" = "Прокси";
"account.createSipAccount" = "Create Sip Account";
"account.usernameLabel" = "Enter Username";
"account.passwordLabel" = "Enter Password";
"account.passwordLabel" = "Введите пароль";
"account.serverLabel" = "Enter Address";
"account.portLabel" = "Enter Port Number";
"account.accountStatus" = "Account Status";
......@@ -205,11 +205,11 @@
//Link New Device
"linkDevice.title" = "Link a new device";
"linkDevice.passwordError" = "The password you entered does not unlock this account";
"linkDevice.networkError" = "A network error occured during the export";
"linkDevice.defaultError" = "An error occured during the export";
"linkDevice.passwordError" = "Введенный пароль не разблокирует этот аккаунт";
"linkDevice.networkError" = "Во время экспорта произошла сетевая ошибка";
"linkDevice.defaultError" = "Во время экспорта произошла ошибка";
"linkDevice.explanationMessage" = "To complete the process, you need to open Jami on the new device and choose the option \"Link this device to an account.\" Your pin is valid for 10 minutes";
"linkDevice.hudMessage" = "Verifying";
"linkDevice.hudMessage" = "Верификация";
//Contact Page
"contactPage.startAudioCall" = "Start Audio Call";
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@
"createProfile.profileCreated" = "下一步";
"createProfile.title" = "Personalise your profile";
"createProfile.enterNameLabel" = "Enter a display name";
"createProfile.enterNamePlaceholder" = "Enter name";
"createProfile.enterNamePlaceholder" = "输入名称";
"createProfile.subtitle" = "Your profile will be shared with your contacts. You can change it at any time.";
"createProfile.createYourAvatar" = "Create your avatar";
......@@ -182,9 +182,9 @@
"accountPage.contactMeOnJamiContant" = "Contact me using \"%s\" on the Jami distributet communication platform:";
"account.sipUsername" = "User Name";
"account.sipUsername" = "用户名";
"account.sipPassword" = "密码";
"account.sipServer" = "SIP Server";
"account.sipServer" = "SIP 服务器";
"account.port" = "端口";
"account.proxyServer" = "代理";
"account.createSipAccount" = "Create Sip Account";
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