1. 09 Jan, 2017 1 commit
  2. 04 Jan, 2017 2 commits
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      wizard: bind V to VM for create Ring account · bb76bf35
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch creates a basic binding between the view and the modelview
      of the add account screen.
      It is done by using RxSwift.
      For the moment, the unique button of the screen is bound. The action
      between the VM and the AccountService is still strongly link. This
      will be changed in a next patch to use Rx instead.
      Change-Id: Iebc4f49edd0de4a0ec1db70af854d0d6f98f336e
      Tuleap: #1400
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      wizard: build skeleton · 06adf62e
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch builds the skeleton of the wizard: all the necessary scene
      and their script.
      Tuleap: #1337
      Change-Id: Id33e2de2de23564f70b392dbeede3e11f2e489ad
  3. 03 Jan, 2017 6 commits
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      dringadapter: use main thread for calls · fe535663
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patchs ensures that the dringadapter uses the application's main
      thread to make the calls to the daemon.
      This is necessary because of the conception of the daemon.
      It captures and registers the thread that initializes and starts it
      and considers it as its main thread.
      pjsip then also uses it. It does not tolerate any other threads than
      the ones that it had already registered.
      Using the app main thread guarantees that is remains the same during
      the whole lifecyle.
      Tuleap: #1423
      Change-Id: Id03933f3f1a4c0428899af3593b35fc92a873e35
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      project: adopt recommended configuration · a933e793
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch adopts the recommended configuration from Xcode.
      What it does:
          - warn infinite recursion and suspicious move
          - optimize swift whole level
      Change-Id: I19dd00ff8709679f50b0f03ab518db1a70fe31ec
      Tuleap: #1377
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      gitignore: ignore Carthage build folder · 3ab7352e
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch updates the .gitignore file to ignore the folder where
      Carthage builds the frameworks.
      Change-Id: I0273e312469acaeadb440459c8560d1ec8f92fc6
      Tuleap: #1377
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      RXSwift: add library via Carthage · 33cd34fa
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This library is added by Carthage in a dedicated build folder that is
      contained in the Carthage folder.
      The Cartfile.resolved file is tracked by Git, so a Carthage bootstrap
      will be needed to download the frameworks.
      Tuleap: #1377
      Change-Id: I8df4efdd6488cd73201df80b327b5f00f2b2a21f
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      bridge: replace nsnotification by delegation · 8164698a
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch takes care of replacing the NSNotification events fired
      from the AccountConfigurationManagerAdaptator by a delegation pattern.
      Indeed, we only want the AccountsService to be notified of callbacks
      coming from the daemon. NSNotifications fired from the NSNotification
      default center are broadcasted events. We want to avoid them as much
      as possible.
      In order to achieve this, a protocol is declared on the Swift part of
      the application.
      Then, the Ring-Swift.h generated file will take care of exposing it to
      the objective-c source code (thanks to the @objc annotation).
      We need the pch file to be present to resolve UIKit and Foundation in
      the generated Ring-Swift file.
      The accountsService now registers itself to the
      AccountConfigurationManagerAdaptator as the reveiver of its callbacks.
      Because notifications are not used anymore at this time, we remove
      the related files factorizing the notifications names.
      Tuleap: #1405
      Change-Id: I25c906ef6bcfd019cfb331047768883b39755275
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      account service: modify bridging · 8d90d9ed
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch reorganizes the structure of the bridging between the Swift
      client and the Daemon.
      It isolates the code related to the account service. That's why there
      is a renaming of the ConfigurationManagerAdaptor.
      We want it to be specialized in what the account service can do.
      The files meant to make the bridge between the client and the daemon
      are now stored in a dedicated file in the project structure.
      The broadcast by NSNotification posts is still used here.
      Tuleap: #1405
      Change-Id: I2d8f0d361ed9394c98a30b0703ad3d49b18cde4a
  4. 22 Dec, 2016 4 commits
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      gitignore: exclude Ring build folder · ce321fbd
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch excludes the Ring build folder from the git scope. This
      folder is created at compile time to store apps and swift modules.
      Tuleap: #1327
      Change-Id: Ia8aff3992f877a5668417470ac3f443a5dda055f
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      UT: add daemon service unit tests · 88859c0a
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch adds a XCTestCase class used to perform tests on the Daemon
      It will ensure that the Daemon correctly start and stop. This can not
      be seen with the iOS Daemon Jenkins' job only.
      Change-Id: I34c8a1aae3affebc51ce803bdc670ae38d37ffdb
      Tuleap: #1378
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      daemonservice: introduce service · f31aa1da
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch adds the deamon service to the project.
      This service will handle the main capabilities of the Ring Daemon,
      such as starting and stopping it.
      For the moment, there is no callback, notifications, or observers to
      that service. This let us the flexibility to implement it with
      whatever we want in the future (Rx-like, NSNotifications etc...).
      Tuleap: #1378
      Change-Id: Ib560977f9fd1dacd45e2afc63613870a3d60630f
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      project: reorganize structure, begin mvvm · 966233f8
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch reorganizes the project structure to separate entities in
      specific groups.
      It also renames some files.
      This is done to improve the separation of concerns of the components
      of the project.
      The renaming operation reflects the MVVM architecture that we will try
      to implement.
      Tuleap: #1327
      Change-Id: I46109e82c87510e134f57d551946499b11334c44
  5. 06 Dec, 2016 2 commits
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      project: clean storyboards · e36578b2
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch reorganizes and cleans the existing storyboards.
      This change is introduced by the choice of the device for the scenes
      simulation. It used to recompute all the layouts.
      Tuleap: #1327
      Change-Id: I0ca6802e995208a7f6db5373590cf8e9120409ee
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      conf: set deployment target to 9.3 · 4384369b
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch modifies the deployment target of the app. It sets it to
      the 9.3 iOS version.
      Tuleap: #1327
      Change-Id: Ib17b08e29b5f6683e96886850d5e55254dad0176
  6. 05 Dec, 2016 2 commits
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      swift: migrate code to Swift 3 · fac9f892
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch takes care of migrating the existing base code to Swift 3.
      Tuleap: #1327
      Change-Id: Ibbb148e92d0477cda155a93a6459de90d57ae70d
    • Romain Bertozzi's avatar
      conf: update dependencies and pbxproj · 70d602f3
      Romain Bertozzi authored
      This patch removes lresample dependencies and add missing one to
      properly fit with the daemon:
      - libboost_system.a
      - libboost_random.a
      - libcryptopp.a
      - librestbed.a
      It also updates the pbxproj file to integrate the new requirements
      and fill our information in (team...)
      Change-Id: Ibe53fa8edeaf43aa68eef7acd3f20060d4336344
      Tuleap: #819
  7. 11 Nov, 2016 1 commit
  8. 19 Aug, 2016 1 commit
  9. 13 Jul, 2016 1 commit
    • Edric Milaret's avatar
      fix code style · 4ac4aeed
      Edric Milaret authored
      Use clang-format Chromium style for Objective-C
      Use Swimat for swift code
       - 4 Space indent
       - Remove break before opening brace
      Change-Id: I4b38b37f07f3973ceaa81b02f56dd56a6592380e
      Tuleap: #313
  10. 07 Jul, 2016 3 commits
  11. 29 Jun, 2016 1 commit