Commit b924aa1d authored by Kateryna Kostiuk's avatar Kateryna Kostiuk

data transfer: fix status for outgoing

Change-Id: Ie5213c8b7319ad209b870c61a9e021d1a037d3da
parent b4a8d69d
......@@ -592,11 +592,15 @@ class DBManager {
message: MessageModel,
duration: Int,
dataBase: Connection) -> Int64? {
var status = InteractionStatus.unknown.rawValue
if interactionType == .oTransfer {
status = InteractionStatus(status: message.transferStatus).rawValue
let timeInterval = message.receivedDate.timeIntervalSince1970
let interaction = Interaction(defaultID, author,
conversationID, Int64(timeInterval), Int64(duration),
message.content, interactionType.rawValue,
InteractionStatus.unknown.rawValue, message.daemonId,
status, message.daemonId,
return self.interactionHepler.insert(item: interaction, dataBase: dataBase)
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