Commit b4a8d69d authored by Kateryna Kostiuk's avatar Kateryna Kostiuk

update version name

Change-Id: I799f9164ac452bc53ecea5a4e31d1c943a6e082f
parent 24697b4c
......@@ -216,7 +216,7 @@ class MeViewController: EditProfileViewController, StoryboardBased, ViewModelBas
return dateDefault
let alert = UIAlertController(title: "\nJami\nbuild: \(compileDate)\n\"Live Free or Die\"", message: "", preferredStyle: .alert)
let alert = UIAlertController(title: "\nJami\nbuild: \(compileDate)\n\"Free as in Freedom\"", message: "", preferredStyle: .alert)
alert.addAction(UIAlertAction(title: L10n.Global.ok, style: .default, handler: nil))
let image = UIImageView(image: UIImage(asset: Asset.jamiIcon))
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