Commit 6be74d0d authored by Kateryna Kostiuk's avatar Kateryna Kostiuk

account: initial details

- do not set bootstrap server from client
- do not set default profile name

Change-Id: Id9f0945dcd6ab7a996f32c2206080367c8bc7137
parent 09a6a64a
......@@ -459,8 +459,6 @@ class AccountsService: AccountAdapterDelegate {
fileprivate func getRingInitialAccountDetails() throws -> [String: String] {
do {
var defaultDetails = try getInitialAccountDetails()
defaultDetails.updateValue("Ring", forKey: ConfigKey.accountAlias.rawValue)
defaultDetails.updateValue("", forKey: ConfigKey.accountHostname.rawValue)
defaultDetails.updateValue("true", forKey: ConfigKey.accountUpnpEnabled.rawValue)
defaultDetails.updateValue("true", forKey: ConfigKey.videoEnabled.rawValue)
return defaultDetails
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