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    build: fastlane setup · 120ecee4
    Andreas Traczyk authored
    - Adds a configuration called 'Development' to the project, which uses
      manual signing
    - Changes the 'Release' configuration to use manual signing
    - Adds support for fastlane automation.
      This commit adds 2 lanes:
      - 'test' uses scan to build and run unit tests on the client
      - 'build' unlocks the system's keychain, uses match to sync the
        development certificate and provisioning profile with a private git
        repo, then uses gym to build the development configuration of the
        xcode project
    - Adds a .gitignore to Ring/fastlane for undesired fastlane related files
    Change-Id: I1bc0eb8cfa20cc536c297ba7ae14292cc66e1d96
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