1. 18 Sep, 2015 1 commit
  2. 17 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      i18n: update · b63a552a
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      Translation update for:
      Change-Id: I8d59f8d7acdcf433914e03952ffd4258620329b1
  3. 16 Sep, 2015 2 commits
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      cmake: fix generated desktop file · e23273f3
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      It should use RING_INSTALL_PREFIX since this is where
      the resources are expected to be.
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: I12ce0339a5e02de9c6353bef9c65e8b14e5790bd
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      cmake: add RING_INSTALL_PREFIX variable · dd82f9bc
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      This lets package maintainers communicate to the client
      where Ring is expected to be installed (eg: /usr/local),
      in the case where this differs from what is set by
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: Ieb78fa8a519da9783de3233d371fd00308aee82d
  4. 15 Sep, 2015 7 commits
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: implement dbus error interface · be6550cc
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      DBus errors usually indicate that dring has crashed or been killed.
      This handler shows a warning dialog and gives dring 2.5s to restart.
      If a DBus connection is not re-established, an error dialog is show and
      the client quits.
      This implementation prevents the client from suddenly crashing when
      dring is killed due to the exception thrown by the LRC
      implementation of the interface.
      Patch adds updated translation template.
      Issue: #79655
      Change-Id: Ie7679a11ca357d68d8b87a3925abe4598d36f02c
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      i18n: added french and lithuanian translations · 1429b868
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: I01dd4a4a618928fe814feb31f313914995c2bc2a
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      i18n: add Transifex config file · 40f42263
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: I822bb675a2ed2ef24175956e865f0da43d2c6fbe
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      i18n: mark strings in code for translation · a1b8cb3e
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Marks all string in the code to be translated with gettext macros.
      POTFILES.in is updated to only contain source files with translatable strings.
      po/README instructions are updated so that xgettext finds all the used macros.
      C_() is used to give context to a translatable string.
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: I27bd91ff12a9913ac0d41842e449daf73197d96b
      Signed-off-by: Guillaume Roguez's avatarGuillaume Roguez <guillaume.roguez@savoirfairelinux.com>
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      t10n: prevent destruction of QTranslator instance · 6c39b109
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      We cannot create the QTranslator object on the stack, or else
      it will be destroyed when the function exits and not all strings
      will be translated.
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: I0848275a1eabf6a9c4a355b9f0536c847715b18c
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      translations: load LRC translations · 67c5dd3a
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      The expected locations of the .qm files is:
      <install prefix>/share/libringclient/translations
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: Ic7e49b80b761483963168935098723c71502a1b9
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      translations: add gettext support · e88f6698
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      This patch adds support for compiling and installing gettext
      translation files and runtime gettext i18n support in the client
      Issue: #78928
      Change-Id: I763431c9f1b36d450d3c77ee32d3f8fb32b9a99c
  5. 14 Sep, 2015 4 commits
  6. 08 Sep, 2015 1 commit
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  8. 17 Aug, 2015 4 commits
  9. 13 Aug, 2015 2 commits
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: keep track of selected video input · cb1c2958
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      When right-clicking on the video widget, the correct device is now
      shown as active (ie: camera, file, or screen).
      Requires LRC change id: I053348702bafee86295d1cb66d98568fdb062c30
      Issue: #78992
      Change-Id: I2185a11686fef59768f8310f9adf12db91c57de5
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: continue video stream on file share cancel · 31889a3d
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Prevent video stream from stopping due to invalid URI being used if
      the user cancels the selection of a file for streaming.
      Issue: #72368
      Change-Id: Id1b405c42a029eecc0a5a436e46c9ead4dbb5b81
  10. 12 Aug, 2015 4 commits
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: allow displayed Ring ID to be ellipsized · ea932de6
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      This allows the main window width to be shrunk more.
      The Ring ID displayed at the bottom is now ellipsized
      if there is not enough room to display it.
      However, if it is selected and copied, the entire Ring ID is still
      copied to the buffer.
      Issue: #73778
      Change-Id: I543f549c029c3f050c31ac19afadaf3760d6952b
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: reduce default window size · b79ed576
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      The window size is reduced to fit to small screens such as 800x600.
      This default size is smaller than what is currently possible due to
      the current layout.
      It's simply there to make sure the default size is not too small
      if the layout ever changes to allow it to become smaller.
      Issue: #73778
      Change-Id: I6d6ffbb5b419ad8548049a97a67c6467840db4b9
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: put account settings in a scrolled window · d45e6395
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Some of the account settings are very long and force a large window size
      which doesn't fit on some screens.
      Issue: #73778
      Change-Id: I3617f3fe8141da0bb006a79d7f50af50a352c542
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: use toHumanStateName() to get registration state string · e7a73147
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Issue: #78943
      Change-Id: I9ee2afc3de603bf5e3a487355cfad4fcfdef19ce
  11. 10 Aug, 2015 1 commit
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: add to contact · 0cf247db
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Adds context menu item which allows the user to choose an existing
      contact or create a new contact to add the selected contact method
      Note: this currently seems to fail with non local address books
      (specifically with google contacts), even though the EDS methods
      will ocasionally return as having succeeded. This is a bug which
      will be addressed in later patches.
      Issue: #78234
      Change-Id: Ia7dc4e8cf5cc5582d4f734f6e46d26cf4b2195dd
  12. 06 Aug, 2015 1 commit
  13. 05 Aug, 2015 1 commit
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: adapt to LRC api change · 58dd9e12
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      dropping of 'const' modifier:
      CollectionEditor::addNew(const T* item) -> addNew(T* item)
      Issue: #78236
      Change-Id: Id78f2927c39d211be1c959fd33f7e0718e0dc780
  14. 31 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: allow client to keep running on close · bc6c4bed
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Two options have been added to the client:
       - hide on close (true by default)
       - bring to foreground (true by default)
      The client will now continue running by default in the background
      after the user closes the main window and thus be able to receive
      calls and messages. By default the client will also be brought to
      the foreground when a new call is incoming.
      Issue: #78461
      Change-Id: I3658cd60d2df0a3e1a8c2a4f5d1173824244a3d4
  15. 28 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: set display name for RING accounts · 75a3917f
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Setting the alias will also set the the display name to the same
      value for a RING account.  All RING accounts with empty display
      names have theirs set to the same as their alias.
      Issue: #77367
      Change-Id: Ie031f381f0b3bd272802746120a05c22b04f4fdc
  16. 24 Jul, 2015 1 commit
    • Stepan Salenikovich's avatar
      gnome: add new person dialog · f2d76c53
      Stepan Salenikovich authored
      Add ability to right-click on a contact method
      without an associated contact and add them to
      an addressbook (backend).
      Issue: #77709
      Change-Id: Ic2e14c19bd5eb1d2e730ce7c994116f23b79e276
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