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appdata: updates name, sumary and description

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......@@ -4,21 +4,12 @@
<name>Gnome client for Jami</name>
<summary>Jami is a software for secure communications with distributed architecture</summary>
<summary>Privacy oriented voice, video and chat platform.</summary>
<icon type="stock">jami</icon>
Jami is a free and open source software, which allows to make encrypted audio or video calls and to send files and messages around the world. Jami is an official GNU package, that uses fully distributed architecture and independent from any centralized service. Additional support for SIP communications is provided.
<li>Audio and video calls, instant messaging, file transfers</li>
<li>Distributed architecture — p2p connections, DHT for a peer discovery</li>
<li>Multi-device support</li>
<li>Available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, GNU/Linux, Android and Android TV</li>
Peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted audio/video calling, conference, screen sharing, file sharing and messaging application with a distributed architecture that can also be used as a SIP client.
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