Commit 804cbdc7 authored by Sébastien Blin's avatar Sébastien Blin

credits: update version name and credits

Change-Id: Ifd571c874ddae6d021fb144c7d0542af3856d023
parent 1944bb03
......@@ -81,23 +81,29 @@ about_dialog(GtkWidget *parent)
gchar *version = g_strdup_printf(C_("Do not translate the release name nor the status (beta, final, ...)",
"\"Free as in Freedom\"\nbuilt on %.25s"),
"\"Together\"\nbuilt on %.25s"),
const gchar *authors[] = {
"Adrien Béraud",
"Albert Babí",
"Alexandr Sergheev",
"Alexandre Lision",
"Alexandre Viau",
"Aline Bonnet",
"Aline Gondim Santos",
"AmirHossein Naghshzan",
"Andreas Traczyk",
"Anthony Léonard",
"Brando Tovar",
"Cyrille Béraud",
"Dorina Mosku",
"Edric Milaret",
"Eden Abitbol",
"Éloi Bail",
"Emmanuel Lepage-Vallée",
"Frédéric Guimont",
"Guillaume Heller",
"Guillaume Roguez",
"Hadrien De Sousa",
"Hugo Lefeuvre",
......@@ -107,13 +113,19 @@ about_dialog(GtkWidget *parent)
"Marianne Forget",
"Maxim Cournoyer",
"Michel Schmit",
"Mingrui Zhang",
"Mohamed Amine Younes Bouacida",
"Mohamed Chibani",
"Nicolas Jäger",
"Nicolas Reynaud",
"Olivier Gregoire",
"Olivier Soldano",
"Patrick Keroulas",
"Peymane Marandi",
"Pierre Duchemin",
"Pierre Lespagnol",
"Philippe Gorley",
"Raphaël Brulé",
"Romain Bertozzi",
"Saher Azer",
"Sébastien Blin",
......@@ -123,6 +135,7 @@ about_dialog(GtkWidget *parent)
"Simon Zeni",
"Stepan Salenikovich",
"Thibault Wittemberg",
"Yang Wang",
"Based on the SFLPhone project",
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