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    gnome: add autostart functionality · fb7f295e
    Stepan Salenikovich authored
    Autostart is enabled by creating a symlink to gnome-ring.desktop
    in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/autostart (this is supported by all XDG
    compliant desktop environments.
    This is enabled by default and will be done the first time the
    client is launched and the setting is checked on every launch.
    This patch also adds a GSettings schema for the client to keep
    track of the client settings (for now just the autostart enabled).
    To support non-installed builds, the gschema is compiled to the
    directory of the binary by default. The client first checks for
    the .desktop and the compiled gschema in the local directory of
    the binary.
    A patch is required in the packaging branch to support the new
    Refs #74056
    Change-Id: Ife9c8149e3225ab765dc1d2472ca0fd44ad35691
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