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    out of call chat · c6a3b98a
    Stepan Salenikovich authored
    Initial implementation. Now clicking on an item in the Conversations
    view (RecentModel) will bring up a chat view. In the case of a Person
    (contact) it will select the chat with the last used ContactMethod of
    that person. If there is more than one ContactMethod, as combo box will
    be displayed giving the choice of ContactMethods to use.
    To make a call, double-click the item as before. Any call (incoming or
    outgoing) will superseed the chat view.
    Out of call chats use the account based chat API. In call chats still
    use the call based chat API.
    Change-Id: I3deb09fd22c3dda7b78ea9be0eef32a6f27adecb
    Tuleap: #203
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