Commit 3c0d152e authored by Thibault Wittemberg's avatar Thibault Wittemberg Committed by Adrien Béraud add iOS to --dependencies target

this commit adds mandatory brew packages to build IOS client

Change-Id: I892359492183369978f39f0b403e0754413285ea
parent 582a21ae
......@@ -156,6 +156,11 @@ OSX_DEPENDENCIES_UNLINK = [
'libtool*', 'yasm*', 'automake*'
'autoconf', 'automake', 'cmake', 'yasm', 'libtool', 'opus',
'pkg-config', 'gettext', 'swiftlint', 'swiftgen'
'make -C daemon uninstall',
'xargs rm < lrc/build-global/install_manifest.txt',
......@@ -222,6 +227,12 @@ def run_dependencies(args):
{"packages": ' '.join(OSX_DEPENDENCIES)}
elif args.distribution == "iOS":
{"packages": ' '.join(IOS_DEPENDENCIES)}
elif args.distribution == "Android":
print("The Android version does not need more dependencies.\nPlease continue with the --install instruction.")
......@@ -376,7 +387,7 @@ def validate_args(parsed_args):
"""Validate the args values, exit if error is found"""
# Check arg values
supported_distros = ['Android', 'Ubuntu', 'Debian', 'OSX', 'Fedora', 'Arch Linux', 'openSUSE', 'Automatic', 'mingw32', 'mingw64']
supported_distros = ['Android', 'Ubuntu', 'Debian', 'OSX', 'iOS', 'Fedora', 'Arch Linux', 'openSUSE', 'Automatic', 'mingw32', 'mingw64']
if parsed_args.distribution not in supported_distros:
print('Distribution \''+parsed_args.distribution+'\' not supported.\nChoose one of: %s' \
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