Commit 2c971036 authored by Anthony Léonard's avatar Anthony Léonard

Fix windows dependencies when cross-building

Some dependencies of Qt weren't present and their
importation was failing silently.

Change-Id: Id4cb0ea0514909f581e4efa2b996f2b12b904fb6
parent 9fc34a6b
......@@ -79,14 +79,14 @@ MINGW64_FEDORA_DEPENDENCIES = [
'mingw64-binutils', 'mingw64-gcc', 'mingw64-headers', 'mingw64-crt', 'mingw64-gcc-c++',
'mingw64-pkg-config', 'yasm', 'gettext-devel', 'cmake', 'patch', 'libtool', 'automake',
'make', 'xz', 'bzip2', 'which', 'mingw64-qt5-qtbase', 'mingw64-qt5-qttools',
'mingw64-qt5-qtsvg', 'mingw64-qt5-qtwinextras'
'mingw64-qt5-qtsvg', 'mingw64-qt5-qtwinextras', 'mingw64-libidn', 'mingw64-xz-libs'
'mingw32-binutils', 'mingw32-gcc', 'mingw32-headers', 'mingw32-crt', 'mingw32-gcc-c++',
'mingw32-pkg-config', 'yasm', 'gettext-devel', 'cmake', 'patch', 'libtool', 'automake',
'make', 'xz', 'bzip2', 'which', 'mingw32-qt5-qtbase', 'mingw32-qt5-qttools',
'mingw32-qt5-qtsvg', 'mingw32-qt5-qtwinextras'
'mingw32-qt5-qtsvg', 'mingw32-qt5-qtwinextras', 'mingw32-libidn', 'mingw32-xz-libs'
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