Commit 0e0afc1b authored by Ciro Santilli's avatar Ciro Santilli

Broken state: call break after.

dring fails with:

    dring: ../src/pj/timer.c:501: schedule_w_grp_lock: Assertion `entry->cb != ((void *)0)' failed.
parent 54065003
client-windows @ c4b1a103
Subproject commit 389a229654e1b2fe6d3fd020b15acef169f6b32b
Subproject commit c4b1a1030bdf5b96dc4685a4eb4ea6d3971604dd
daemon @ 3d2aefda
Subproject commit 8f8eb254a522faded0190b769ac0da2e7606a118
Subproject commit 3d2aefda51fa365325013c5804722bdba7063788
lrc @ 3676a7a0
Subproject commit 0e79b741d9a139f4fc46ff98cececbf9ea4fefdf
Subproject commit 3676a7a05ec852c3c3f8f1b80e3ee549794b343c
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Run local install daemon and client that have\
# Run local install daemon and client that have
# been installed with the install script on the background.
cd "$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")"
./install/daemon/libexec/dring >>daemon.log 2>&1 &
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