Commit 765e0650 authored by Pierre Lespagnol's avatar Pierre Lespagnol Committed by Adrien Béraud

recorder: handle remote recording for conference

Change-Id: I2acae919d2a600e8125e203c169be057ec8fda81
parent 423c3340
......@@ -1638,12 +1638,17 @@ SIPCall::rtpSetupSuccess(MediaType type)
SIPCall::setRemoteRecording(bool state)
std::string id {};
if (getConfId().empty())
id = getCallId();
id = getConfId();
if (state) {
JAMI_WARN("SIP remote recording enabled");
emitSignal<DRing::CallSignal::RemoteRecordingChanged>(getCallId(), getPeerNumber(), true);
emitSignal<DRing::CallSignal::RemoteRecordingChanged>(id, getPeerNumber(), true);
} else {
JAMI_WARN("SIP remote recording disabled");
emitSignal<DRing::CallSignal::RemoteRecordingChanged>(getCallId(), getPeerNumber(), false);
emitSignal<DRing::CallSignal::RemoteRecordingChanged>(id, getPeerNumber(), false);
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