1. 01 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      i18n: translation update · c818011e
      Alexandre Lision authored
      - new file Conversation.string
      - update other source files
      - new translations
      - fix some i18n warnings in source code
      Change-Id: Ic6378f7947c47cea0b36a87f5b1c52f575ee1959
  2. 29 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      ui: improve in-call ui · 210fe212
      Alexandre Lision authored
      - Add call photo
      - Add specific ui controls and photo for incoming calls
      - Add ui for outgoing calls in process
      - Add labels under important actions (Hang up, Pick up)
      Change-Id: Ie6faee8e2816330bff0e7ec91fbb533c3c9b949d
      Tuleap: #284
  3. 25 Jan, 2016 3 commits
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      chat: update RecentModel selection · 01cf5e38
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Clear RecentModel current index:
      - during a call when the call is OVER
      - in chat view when clicking on back button
      This allow to reselect the previous row, and visually reset
      the row (remove highlight state)
      Change-Id: I36f531c6304ce48f0be3cc541f28a21d73a05262
      Tuleap: #202
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      call: fix progress animation · 22d615bd
      Alexandre Lision authored
      El Capitan handles animations differently and optimizes out
      animations on off screen views. Progress animation was started when
      Ring was launched, and the CurrentCall view is hidden at first,
      therefore progress animation was never started.
      This patch also simplifies layer handling.
      Change-Id: I33f1b42ca3e813d780868a81f4e391138e4751a2
      Tuleap: #269
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      video: adjust to source model modification · e7a604c1
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Related to change #3155
      Change-Id: I08a1f5dfeff25702212a25f829cb0e73f92d5a4a
      Tuleap: #188
  4. 22 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      improve call selection · 4d9905e3
      Alexandre Lision authored
      There were corner cases that did not trigger the call view, or with
      an invalid selected call.
      Improves call switching by properly changing the call selected when
      an incoming call arrives and disconnecting the preivous one.
      Change-Id: I32db7c9e6bc4a2df45544ddb7fad5e344d8839d7
      Tuleap: #70
  5. 21 Jan, 2016 3 commits
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      ui: make sure smartlist is loaded · 4a1c7406
      Alexandre Lision authored
      After Ring's first launch, smartlist appeared empty.
      This patch makes sure that before presenting the UI the RecentModel
      is initialized
      Change-Id: Iadd7b43f89ff9b9415ed381fce109ede464a1049
      Tuleap: #255
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      chat: animate dock icon · ef32456d
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Using NSCriticalRequest makes the icon bounce to catch user attention
      Icon comes back to normal when the app takes the focus.
      Change-Id: I1a2504407223944775e0eac40a228bc6e5e3435d
      Tuleap: #202
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      wizard: fix wizard cancellation · 76d59690
      Alexandre Lision authored
      wrong redirection to main window if user do not create his account
      Tuleap: #255
      Change-Id: Ib984525610ede06084c2625de819b3112604dfde
  6. 20 Jan, 2016 1 commit
  7. 19 Jan, 2016 3 commits
  8. 18 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      call: fix selection · 57227777
      Alexandre Lision authored
      animation was not triggered when making a new call or receiving one
      Change-Id: I2b7725a1ce92e972dbf59204ee4717b5a33cfee9
      Tuleap: #202
  9. 08 Jan, 2016 2 commits
  10. 07 Jan, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      headers: update copyright · 9fe374b1
      Alexandre Lision authored
      - Happy new year
      - remove OpenSSL additionnal permission
      - remove unnecessary ifndef for headers
      Change-Id: I32dcd918bb3138b3cf53e6ec078f4f720ad41e15
      Tuleap: #218
  11. 15 Dec, 2015 2 commits
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      call: allow image streaming · ba9b708b
      Alexandre Lision authored
      allow user to drag and drop or select an image from the file chooser and
      stream it to a call
      Issue: #78547
      Change-Id: I21e73d11e143b3eb13105368ebd757427e6645cb
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      call actions: fix iteration · f7e1114b
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Iterating over the UserActionModel actions was going one step too far.
      It caused the ACCEPT button to be hidden for incoming calls.
      Change-Id: Ia84ee0e86396cdca70268ebc2e90c3aefc2170c0
      Tuleap: #199
  12. 14 Dec, 2015 1 commit
  13. 26 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      ui: change person default icon · d5229f34
      Alexandre Lision authored
      This commit introduces adjustements in lists layout.
      In SmartList
      - use custom Ring default user icon
      In PersonsList
      - use custom Ring default user icon
      - make categories selectable
      - remove background color of categories
      In HistoryList
      - add photo/default Ring user icon to history entries
      Tuleap: #151
      Change-Id: I99bba6ef95b31f9f6ac33d14f434c0a0bd53c654
  14. 16 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      conference: first implementation · 89edc6ad
      Alexandre Lision authored
      This commit adds conferences management
      - create conference by joining two ongoing calls/conferences
      - create conference by calling a new peer and joining him to the ongoing
      - hanging up conferences
      This commit relies on CallModel and RecenModel selection models
      interactions to update call view and Smartlist row selected.
      Change-Id: Ib9f6b9b870e66c8ccfb5115ad6fdb592c625eb58
      Tuleap: #114
  15. 13 Nov, 2015 2 commits
  16. 11 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      video: disconnect preview · d7b85468
      Alexandre Lision authored
      lambda registered for frameUpdated was still alive after closing the window.
      It was consuming frames, preventing the call to get them.
      It's a limitation of our implementetation: there is only one possible receiver
      of frameUpdated for a given renderer.
      Tuleap: #130
      Change-Id: Ic8f5b8efea60e3409c77e4510320e3eba11fe21d
  17. 05 Nov, 2015 2 commits
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      remove quality button · 0e66aea4
      Alexandre Lision authored
      this is now handled automatically by the daemon
      Tuleap: #96
      Change-Id: Ib0011a3bd70ed875ec66edbe6fe752fb02669dcb
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      call: add transfer ability · 883719f5
      Alexandre Lision authored
      This commit adds attended/unattended transfer capability
      It also improves call controls visibility
      Tuleap: #56
      Change-Id: I66c2bc22f015f12dc58cf98768b8b3c689e6fdcb
  18. 04 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      smartlist: add contact creation · 61db3557
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Same feature as in the history, possibility to link/create contacts
      with ContactMethods
      Tuleap: #57
      Change-Id: I54061fa7b41c77aca371f9ef501400ded24286fb
  19. 27 Oct, 2015 2 commits
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      fix video prefs · e1cf4465
      Alexandre Lision authored
      we were using string ids to identify menus, that got exported and translated
      Tuleap: #63
      Change-Id: I857e0b5954ca2b41a67004c8952a3e7099cf4b34
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      lrc: adapt to API changes · d3aa3ade
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Tuleap: #44
      Change-Id: I0b005b7019d204e049a280819aac5f29558cafea
  20. 26 Oct, 2015 1 commit
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      translations: fix wrong translations · c8d9f0ba
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Qt was nos taking into account english if another translated language was in
      the system preferences list. We now check if english is defined as Primary
      Change-Id: Ia952778293a3942ea3aae9eae7c9da208d5e149e
      Tuleap: #59
  21. 23 Oct, 2015 2 commits
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      smartlist: allow filtering · bf0385ee
      Alexandre Lision authored
      peopleProxy is a QSortProxyFilter we can use to filter our smartlist
      based on user input from the searchbar
      Issue: #81111
      Change-Id: I0dab38670e4f5f64d924effc81405d663d90dfeb
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      smartlist: fix selection · ee098463
      Alexandre Lision authored
      RecentModel emits a dataChanged every second for updating call timers.
      This was causing scrolling issues in the list. We don't connect to dataChanged
      from our NSTreeController but from the View directly. The reason is that there
      is no way to update a row in a NSTreeController, only insert/remove/move and
      this is causing selection updates.
      Tuleap: #50
      Change-Id: Ib347ff5a69f901da2bdf1d0b3a3d368fdfd23c1c
  22. 16 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  23. 14 Oct, 2015 3 commits
    • Guillaume Roguez's avatar
      i18n: translation update · 7f3c37de
      Guillaume Roguez authored
      add ar, es, lt, ru, uk
      update de, fr
      Change-Id: Ie2a1fc24a567f2afa248a39e392e0da95d65b91f
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      translations: fix update script · 4f187a31
      Alexandre Lision authored
      - file command has not the same option on Mac and Linux (-I versus -i)
      - use force mode (-f) to pull every modifications
      Issue: #81336
      Change-Id: I67d8f791a530757f623b361c13b1bd3cbe9aeb2c
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      renderer: adapt to daemon API · 6731e132
      Alexandre Lision authored
      Daemon exposes a new API to fix the concurrent access problem.
      Renderer class API has changed, this patch synchronizes on it.
      Issue: #81542
      Change-Id: I11a89a1e6c4cd4fbc185f7eb8ebc909f2c9fe544
  24. 06 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  25. 30 Sep, 2015 2 commits
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      ui: better photos · de0314b0
      Alexandre Lision authored
      enable high antialising and smoother scaling
      Change-Id: Icfa99994abfd1ddb1b7311b2bf419102fb56645b
    • Alexandre Lision's avatar
      ui: update in-call actions · 266fca0e
      Alexandre Lision authored
      - use new button theme for call controls buttons.
      - add an icon for recording
      - gide buttons when available instead of disabling them
      Issue: #79400
      Change-Id: I712467b8f7b7fe16317f4283ae9d4f91bc8b9203