Commit e08065c5 authored by Alexandre Lision's avatar Alexandre Lision

about: list contributors alphabetically

Refs #67102

Change-Id: I564360cee2294e0569a473ff35962a7ee4b14b27
parent e7e01ba5
......@@ -12,13 +12,14 @@
\i0\b \cf0 Authors
\i\b0 \
Adrien B\'e9raud\
Alexandre Lision\
\'c9dric Ladent-Milaret\
Eloi Bail\
Emmanuel Lepage-Vall\'e9e\
Guillaume Roguez\
Eloi Bail\
Adrien B\'e9raud\
Thibault Cohen\
Marianne Forget\
Stepan Salenikovich\
\'c9dric Ladent-Milaret\
Based on SFLphone's project\
\ No newline at end of file
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