Commit 4fdb2d9a authored by Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk Committed by Kateryna Kostiuk

fix: removes smartlist selector when last account is deleted

- removes the the abiltity to select between conversations and pending
  after the last account is deleted

Change-Id: I1975b9b14e627297de0b487be1152939d9960fab
Reviewed-by: Kateryna Kostiuk's avatarKateryna Kostiuk <>
parent 22ce9365
......@@ -273,6 +273,10 @@ NSInteger const REQUEST_SEG = 1;
model_ = nil;
[self deselect];
[smartView reloadData];
if (selectorIsPresent) {
[listTypeSelector removeFromSuperview];
selectorIsPresent = false;
- (IBAction) listTypeChanged:(id)sender
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