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l10n: automatic bump

Change-Id: I2ca4da1205832b945dab135ef530c142c412b222
parent 84a56cb5
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
// Global
"global.homeTabBarTitle" = "Home";
"global.contactRequestsTabBarTitle" = "Invitations";
"global.contactRequestsTabBarTitle" = "inviti";
"global.meTabBarTitle" = "Profilo";
"global.ok" = "Ok";
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
"smartlist.noConversation" = "No conversations";
"smartlist.searchBarPlaceholder" = "Enter name...";
"smartlist.noNetworkConnectivity" = "Connessione di rete assente";
"smartlist.cellularAccess" = "Be sure cellular access is granted in your settings";
"smartlist.cellularAccess" = "Assicurati che l'accesso cellulare sia garantito nelle tue impostazioni";
"smartlist.accountsTitle" = "Account";
"smartlist.addAccountButton" = "+ Add Account";
"smartlist.noNumber" = "Selected contact does not have any number";
......@@ -73,10 +73,10 @@
"createAccount.newPasswordPlaceholder" = "Password";
"createAccount.repeatPasswordPlaceholder" = "Confermare password";
"createAccount.passwordCharactersNumberError" = "6 caratteri minimo";
"createAccount.passwordNotMatchingError" = "passwords do not match";
"createAccount.passwordNotMatchingError" = "le passwords non corrispondono";
"createAccount.lookingForUsernameAvailability" = "looking for availability…";
"createAccount.invalidUsername" = "nome utente non valido";
"createAccount.usernameAlreadyTaken" = "username already taken";
"createAccount.usernameAlreadyTaken" = "nome utente già utilizzato";
"createAccount.loading" = "Caricamento";
"createAccount.waitCreateAccountTitle" = "Aggiunta account ";
"createAccount.RegisterAUsername" = "Register a username";
......@@ -90,28 +90,28 @@
"createAccount.timeoutMessage" = "Username registration in progress... It could take a few moments.";
//Link To Account form
"linkToAccount.waitLinkToAccountTitle" = "Account linking";
"linkToAccount.linkButtonTitle" = "Link device";
"linkToAccount.waitLinkToAccountTitle" = "Collegamento dell'account";
"linkToAccount.linkButtonTitle" = "Dispositivo di collegamento";
"linkToAccount.passwordPlaceholder" = "Password";
"linkToAccount.pinPlaceholder" = "PIN";
"linkToAccount.passwordLabel" = "Inserisci Password";
"linkToAccount.pinLabel" = "Inserisci PIN";
"linkToAccount.explanationPinMessage" = "To generate the PIN code, go to the account managment settings on device that contain account you want to use. In devices settings Select \"Link another device to this account\". You will get the necessary PIN to complete this form. The PIN is only valid for 10 minutes.";
"linkToAccount.explanationPinMessage" = "Per generare il codice PIN, vai alle impostazioni di gestione dell'account sul dispositivo che contengono l'account che desideri utilizzare. Nelle impostazioni dei dispositivi Seleziona \"Collega un altro dispositivo a questo account\". Riceverai il PIN necessario per completare questo modulo. Il PIN è valido solo per 10 minuti.";
"alerts.accountCannotBeFoundTitle" = "Can't find account";
"alerts.accountCannotBeFoundTitle" = "Impossibile trovare l'account";
"alerts.accountCannotBeFoundMessage" = "Account couldn't be found on the Jami network. Make sure it was exported on Jami from an existing device, and that provided credentials are correct.";
"alerts.accountAddedTitle" = "Account Aggiunto";
"alerts.accountNoNetworkTitle" = "Can't connect to the network";
"alerts.accountNoNetworkTitle" = "Impossibile connettersi alla rete";
"alerts.accountNoNetworkMessage" = "Could not add account because Jami couldn't connect to the distributed network. Check your device connectivity.";
"alerts.accountDefaultErrorTitle" = "Errore sconosciuto";
"alerts.accountDefaultErrorMessage" = "The account couldn't be created.";
"alerts.accountDefaultErrorMessage" = "Non è stato possibile creare l'account.";
"alerts.profileTakePhoto" = "Scattare una foto";
"alerts.profileUploadPhoto" = "Carica foto";
"alerts.profileCancelPhoto" = "Annulla";
"alerts.accountLinkedTitle" = "Linking account";
"alerts.accountLinkedTitle" = "Collegamento dell'account";
"alerts.dbFailedTitle" = "An error happned when launching Jami";
"alerts.dbFailedMessage" = "Please close application and try to open it again";
"alerts.dbFailedMessage" = "Chiudi l'applicazione e prova ad aprirla di nuovo";
"alerts.confirmBlockContact" = "Are you sure you want to block this contact? The conversation history with this contact will also be deleted permanently.";
"alerts.confirmBlockContactTitle" = "Block Contact";
"alerts.confirmDeleteConversation" = "Are you sure you want to delete this conversation permanently?";
......@@ -202,11 +202,11 @@
//Link New Device
"linkDevice.title" = "Link a new device";
"linkDevice.passwordError" = "The password you entered does not unlock this account";
"linkDevice.networkError" = "A network error occured during the export";
"linkDevice.defaultError" = "An error occured during the export";
"linkDevice.passwordError" = "La password inserita non sblocca questo account";
"linkDevice.networkError" = "Si è verificato un errore di rete durante l'esportazione";
"linkDevice.defaultError" = "Si è verificato un errore durante l'esportazione";
"linkDevice.explanationMessage" = "To complete the process, you need to open Jami on the new device and choose the option \"Link this device to an account.\" Your pin is valid for 10 minutes";
"linkDevice.hudMessage" = "Verifying";
"linkDevice.hudMessage" = "verifica";
//Contact Page
"contactPage.startAudioCall" = "Start Audio Call";
......@@ -68,12 +68,12 @@
//Create Account form
"createAccount.createAccountFormTitle" = "Maak uw account aan";
"createAccount.chooseStrongPassword" = "Kies een sterk wachtwoord om uw Jami-account te beschermen.";
"createAccount.chooseStrongPassword" = "Kies een sterk paswoord om uw Jami-account te beschermen.";
"createAccount.enterNewUsernamePlaceholder" = "Gebruikersnaam";
"createAccount.newPasswordPlaceholder" = "Wachtwoord";
"createAccount.repeatPasswordPlaceholder" = "Bevestig wachtwoord";
"createAccount.newPasswordPlaceholder" = "Paswoord";
"createAccount.repeatPasswordPlaceholder" = "Bevestig paswoord";
"createAccount.passwordCharactersNumberError" = "Minimaal 6 tekens";
"createAccount.passwordNotMatchingError" = "wachtwoorden komen niet overeen";
"createAccount.passwordNotMatchingError" = "paswoorden komen niet overeen";
"createAccount.lookingForUsernameAvailability" = "beschikbaarheid wordt gecontroleerd…";
"createAccount.invalidUsername" = "ongeldige gebruikersnaam";
"createAccount.usernameAlreadyTaken" = "gebruikersnaam reeds in gebruik";
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
"createAccount.waitCreateAccountTitle" = "Account wordt toegevoegd";
"createAccount.RegisterAUsername" = "Een gebruikersnaam registreren";
"createAccount.ChooseAPassword" = "Mijn account versleutelen";
"createAccount.PasswordInformation" = "Kies een wachtwoord om uw lokale account mee te versleutelen. Vergeet het niet, u zult uw account anders niet kunnen herstellen";
"createAccount.PasswordInformation" = "Kies een paswoord om uw lokale account mee te versleutelen. Vergeet het niet, u zult uw account anders niet kunnen herstellen";
"createAccount.EnableNotifications" = "Meldingen";
"createAccount.Recommended" = "(Aanbevolen)";
"createAccount.UsernameNotRegisteredTitle" = "Netwerkfout";
......@@ -92,9 +92,9 @@
//Link To Account form
"linkToAccount.waitLinkToAccountTitle" = "Account koppelen";
"linkToAccount.linkButtonTitle" = "Apparaat koppelen";
"linkToAccount.passwordPlaceholder" = "Wachtwoord";
"linkToAccount.passwordPlaceholder" = "Paswoord";
"linkToAccount.pinPlaceholder" = "Pincode";
"linkToAccount.passwordLabel" = "Geef wachtwoord in";
"linkToAccount.passwordLabel" = "Geef paswoord in";
"linkToAccount.pinLabel" = "Geef pincode in";
"linkToAccount.explanationPinMessage" = "Ga naar de accountbeheerinstellingen op het apparaat dat de account bevat die u wilt gebruiken om de pincode te genereren. Selecteer ‘Een ander apparaat aan deze account koppelen’. U zult de pincode krijgen die u nodig heeft om dit proces te voltooien. De pincode is slechts 10 minuten geldig.";
......@@ -160,12 +160,12 @@
"accountPage.revokeDeviceTitle" = "Apparaat intrekken";
"accountPage.revokeDeviceMessage" = "Weet u zeker dat u dit apparaat wilt intrekken? Deze handeling kan niet ongedaan gemaakt worden.";
"accountPage.revokeDeviceButton" = "Intrekken";
"accountPage.revokeDevicePlaceholder" = "Geef uw wachtwoord in";
"accountPage.revokeDevicePlaceholder" = "Geef uw paswoord in";
"accountPage.deviceRevoked" = "Intrekken van apparaat voltooid";
"accountPage.deviceRevocationProgress" = "Bezig met intrekken…";
"accountPage.deviceRevocationSuccess" = "Apparaat is ingetrokken";
"accountPage.deviceRevocationTryAgain" = "Herproberen";
"accountPage.deviceRevocationWrongPassword" = "Verkeerd wachtwoord";
"accountPage.deviceRevocationWrongPassword" = "Verkeerd paswoord";
"accountPage.deviceRevocationUnknownDevice" = "Onbekend apparaat";
"accountPage.deviceRevocationError" = "Fout bij intrekken van apparaat";
"accountPage.namePlaceholder" = "Naam";
......@@ -174,19 +174,19 @@
"accountPage.removeAccountTitle" = "Account verwijderen";
"accountPage.removeAccountMessage" = "Door op ‘Verwijderen’ te klikken, zult u deze account van dit apparaat verwijderen! Deze handeling kan niet ongedaan gemaakt worden. Uw geregistreerde naam zal ook verloren gaan.";
"accountPage.removeAccountButton" = "Verwijderen";
"accountPage.shareAccountDetails" = "Share Account Details";
"accountPage.contactMeOnJamiTitle" = "Contact me on Jami!";
"accountPage.contactMeOnJamiContant" = "Contact me using \"%s\" on the Jami distributet communication platform:";
"accountPage.shareAccountDetails" = "Accountdetails delen";
"accountPage.contactMeOnJamiTitle" = "Contacteer mij op Jami!";
"accountPage.contactMeOnJamiContant" = "Contacteer mij met ‘%s’ op Jami, het gedistribueerde communicatieplatform:";
"account.sipUsername" = "Gebruikersnaam";
"account.sipPassword" = "Wachtwoord";
"account.sipPassword" = "Paswoord";
"account.sipServer" = "SIP-server";
"account.port" = "Poort";
"account.proxyServer" = "Proxy";
"account.createSipAccount" = "SIP-account aanmaken";
"account.usernameLabel" = "Geef gebruikersnaam in";
"account.passwordLabel" = "Geef wachtwoord in";
"account.passwordLabel" = "Geef paswoord in";
"account.serverLabel" = "Geef adres in";
"account.portLabel" = "Geef poortnummer in";
"account.accountStatus" = "Accountstatus";
......@@ -202,7 +202,7 @@
//Link New Device
"linkDevice.title" = "Een nieuw apparaat koppelen";
"linkDevice.passwordError" = "Het wachtwoord dat u heeft ingegeven ontgrendelt deze account niet";
"linkDevice.passwordError" = "Het paswoord dat u heeft ingegeven ontgrendelt deze account niet";
"linkDevice.networkError" = "Er is een netwerkfout opgetreden tijdens het exporteren";
"linkDevice.defaultError" = "Er is een fout opgetreden tijdens het exporteren";
"linkDevice.explanationMessage" = "Om het proces te voltooien opent u Jami op het nieuwe apparaat en kiest u de optie ‘Dit apparaat aan een account koppelen’. Uw pincode is 10 minuten geldig";
......@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@
"notifications.missedCall" = "Gemiste oproep";
"notifications.acceptCall" = "AANVAARDEN";
"notifications.refuseCall" = "AFWIJZEN";
"notifications.newFile" = "New file";
"notifications.newFile" = "Nieuw bestand";
"dataTransfer.readableStatusAwaiting" = "In afwachting…";
"dataTransfer.readableStatusRefuse" = "Afwijzen";
"dataTransfer.readableStatusOngoing" = "Wordt verstuurd";
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