Commit 02ff050f authored by Andreas Traczyk's avatar Andreas Traczyk

vcard: send vcard on main thread

Change-Id: I19374403a875b0863a58788357120229458ae913
parent 6001030e
...@@ -208,10 +208,12 @@ class CallsService: CallsAdapterDelegate { ...@@ -208,10 +208,12 @@ class CallsService: CallsAdapterDelegate {
VCardUtils.loadVCard(named: VCardFiles.myProfile.rawValue, VCardUtils.loadVCard(named: VCardFiles.myProfile.rawValue,
inFolder: VCardFolders.profile.rawValue) inFolder: VCardFolders.profile.rawValue)
.subscribe(onSuccess: { [unowned self] card in .subscribe(onSuccess: { [unowned self] card in
VCardUtils.sendVCard(card: card, DispatchQueue.main.async {
callID: callID, VCardUtils.sendVCard(card: card,
accountID: accountID, callID: callID,
sender: self) accountID: accountID,
sender: self)
}).disposed(by: disposeBag) }).disposed(by: disposeBag)
} }
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