Commit e7c905d4 authored by Anthony Laye's avatar Anthony Laye

Fix non homogeneous messages on android for calls

Change-Id: Ib91875a70c0cfde1a259b1dec830dce7f538194f
parent 8763af59
......@@ -141,10 +141,14 @@ public class SmartListAdapter extends RecyclerView.Adapter<SmartListViewHolder>
private String getLastEventSummary(ConversationElement e, Context context) {
if (e instanceof HistoryCall) {
HistoryCall call = (HistoryCall) e;
if (call.isIncoming())
return String.format(context.getString(R.string.hist_in_call), call.getDurationString());
if (call.isMissed())
return call.isIncoming() ?
context.getString(R.string.notif_missed_incoming_call) :
return String.format(context.getString(R.string.hist_out_call), call.getDurationString());
return call.isIncoming() ?
String.format(context.getString(R.string.hist_in_call), call.getDurationString()) :
String.format(context.getString(R.string.hist_out_call), call.getDurationString());
} else if (e instanceof TextMessage) {
TextMessage t = (TextMessage) e;
if (t.isIncoming()) {
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